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Inspired by the timeless beauty of film photography, the Embrace Preset collections are made with you in mind. Meticulously tested on hundreds of photographs by some of the best photographers in the industry, the Embrace collections of presets are now yours.

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Forget endless tweaking and wondering why your images don’t look the same, each preset is carefully crafted to fit your style and leave you wondering why you didn’t start using presets sooner. Each collection offers a distinct look so you can pick the collection that most effortlessly matches your creative style.

  • A cohesive look and skin tones that stay true to color.
  • Speed up your workflow with minor to zero adjustments.
  • Designed for Lightroom, ACR and Lightroom Mobile.

Watch each image transform to your unique vision before your eyes. Work quicker, save time and exceed the expectations of your clients with presets designed with your needs in mind.

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Your FREE Beautiful Light Cheat Sheet

I made this guide for you to show you how I work with natural light outdoors. It features the golden hour, harsh light, dappled light, blue hour and overcast sky + the settings I use for my signature look.

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Free Mint + Teal Presets

These presets can be used in LR mobile app (.dng) and LR/ACR (.xmp)

Perfect to add fun vibes to your summer photos. These presets are perfect for travel, portraits and other types of photos taken outside.

This bundle comes with 3 different presets each with a different color focus to cover a wide range of image types and lighting scenarios.

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I am a photographer and educator passionate about creating easy to use tools meant to inspire you, to push your work to the next level, or to simply speed up your workflow.

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How To Edit Your Summer Photos Like A Pro

“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August”  -- Jenny Han  Honestly, I couldn't agree more. I love summer, and always have. I can remember growing up and excitedly awaiting what felt like all year for the ice and snow to begin melting so that the flowers would start blooming.  And now, as a photographer and a mother of two [...]

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I believe we are better together and that we cannot do it all alone. Join a community of like-minded photographers who want to build each other up, offer tips and tricks and feel like they have a place to belong. Your new favorite community is waiting for you.

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  • Tyra Eklund
  • Paige Heninger

  • Danielle Navratil

“I am Sheryl, I’m a full time wedding, family and boudoir Photographer in Gloucestershire, UK. I love the Embrace Nation Presets because they are so versatile. I’ve used them on fashion, bridal, families and babies. They give me the film tones I love but aren’t muddy or sludgy on the skin. So easily tweakable. I take the grain off for fashion and editorial work!”

Sheryl Fish, www.oobaloosphotography.co.uk

“The Embrace Presets are a must have for any photographer. They are beautiful, easy to use and create a distinct look for flawless branding. The majority of my published work was edited with these presets. Could not imagine my workflow without them.”

Sarah Elizabeth Maverick, https://maverickartco.com

“The Embrace Nation presets are my go to for easier, quicker and more impactful workflow. The presets are great for both moody and light images. I can’t live without them!”

Jen Rozenbaum, https://jenrozenbaum.com
“Hi ! I’m Erin!  I’m a Boudoir Photographer from Indiana. Embrace Nation Presets couldn’t be any more perfect! These presets are the first that I’ve found that fit my style, are easy to use, AND keep my subject’s skin tones looking great. I spend less time editing and more time shooting, which is how it should be, right?” I’m happy to be here and a part of Embrace Nation!”
erin lorrain hays, www.misshboudoir.com
“I am Hayley, I am a Boudoir and Couples Intimate Photographer based in beautiful Phillip Island, Australia. I am so excited to be a part of Embrace Nation, with Embrace presets being an absolute staple in my workflow, as well as the bonus of being part of an amazing, supportive and educational community!”
hayley johnson, www.rawboudoir.com.au
“I am obsessed with Jasmin’s EMBRACE presets. They have made my work flow so much faster and elevated my work to a complete different level! I always recommend them during my mentor sessions. Check them out, you won’t regret it!”
Lauren McKuin, www.laurenmckuinphotographs.com