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Image by Christina Landini Photography

Havana Collection

Wild Hearts Wander

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TaylenDaylee Photography

Image by Krystal Marie Photography

Wanderlust Collection

Wild Lavender Collection

Dark and moody, vibrant, muted or vintage ? We have a Preset style for everyone. Our Presets for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw are made by photographers, for photographers. Click on the images to check out some favorites.

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Edit with Wild Lavender Photo by Krystal Marie Photography

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Beautiful Lightroom Presets & Editing tools for Photographers


Edit with Wanderlust Vol 2 // Image by Jasmin Jade

Edit with Wanderlust //Image by Alexa Leigh Photography

Edit With Wild Hearts Wander // Image by Jasmin Jade

Embrace Presets

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Wanderlust Collection + Golden Brushes to get this look.

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Lightroom Presets & Tools for Photographers

Embrace Presets


Hi, I'm Jasmin Jade

The owner, founder and creative eye of Embrace Presets. I've spent hours editing my photos in search for my editing style. I have created Embrace Presets in 2017 out of my passion to help you find yours.

I know what it feels like not to feel good enough. That's why I created Embrace – the only step by step editing system you need to push your work to where you want it to be.

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