I’m Jasmin! I’m from Germany currently living in Washington. I have a passion for photographing women and making them feel truly beautiful inside and out. I’m a wife and mom of two sweet boys who are my entire life and are the driving force behind why I created this space.

Embrace Presets was founded because I wanted to connect with the people around me and create a community of like minded professionals. I wanted to empower you in your art. I wanted to create a community of dreamers & doers. The presets that I create are meant to inspire you, to push your work to the next level, or to simply speed up your workflow. I created the presets to help me in my boudoir business with the intention of speeding up my workflow but this community has become so much more. My goal is to use this platform to educate you on editing and takign your work to the next level while still being able to maintain a sense of pride and ownership that can only come when you know how to use the tools of your trade.

I believe in community over competition and I believe we cannot do it all alone. We need to belong and we want to be inspired by one another. I believe we are all in it for the same reason. The love for photography and the passion to create. Let’s be inspired.

We need to belong. One of the most powerful of our survival mechanisms is to be part of a tribe, to contribute to (and take from) a group of like-minded people. — P.3

Find more of my photography work & boudoir inspiration, please visit my personal website.

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I believe we are better together and that we cannot do it all alone. Join a community of like-minded photographers who want to build each other up, offer tips and tricks and feel like they have a place to belong. Your new favorite community is waiting for you.

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“I love the Embrace Runway presets! They give my images a great textured feel and I love the cool tones. The black and whites are amazing also. Perfect for all boudoir sessions!”

Jana Vallone, https://www.janavalloneboudoir.com

“I have the Embrace & Wanderlust set from Embrace Presets and they have been the BEST investment I’ve ever made. What usually takes me up to two weeks to edit now takes me less than a few hours. I absolutely plan on buying the rest of these presets”

Korin, https://www.boudoirbykorin.com/about

“I am Sheryl, I’m a full time wedding, family and boudoir Photographer in Gloucestershire, UK. I love the Embrace Nation Presets because they are so versatile. I’ve used them on fashion, bridal, families and babies. They give me the film tones I love but aren’t muddy or sludgy on the skin. So easily tweakable. I take the grain off for fashion and editorial work!”

Sheryl Fish, www.oobaloosphotography.co.uk

“Hi ! I’m Erin!  I’m a Boudoir Photographer from Indiana. Embrace Nation Presets couldn’t be any more perfect! These presets are the first that I’ve found that fit my style, are easy to use, AND keep my subject’s skin tones looking great. I spend less time editing and more time shooting, which is how it should be, right?” I’m happy to be here and a part of Embrace Nation!”

Erin lorrain Hays, www.misshboudoir.com

“I am Hayley, I am a Boudoir and Couples Intimate Photographer based in beautiful Phillip Island, Australia. I am so excited to be a part of Embrace Nation, with Embrace presets being an absolute staple in my workflow, as well as the bonus of being part of an amazing, supportive and educational community!”

Hayley Johnson, www.rawboudoir.com.au