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Image above by Amber Tabaj Photography 


Do you want to make your family photography stand out and look professional? Embrace Presets is the answer you have been searching for.

Embrace Presets were created specifically to give your photos a timeless, beautiful feel without all the hassle and time-commitment of editing every single detail by yourself.

These presets are also compatible with many different types of cameras and have dozens of collection options to suit every editing style and need! If you’re looking for great presets for family photography, then read on because this blog post is perfect for you. 


Embrace Presets

Welcome! My name is Jasmin Jade, I am a professional photographer from Germany currently living in Washington, DC. I have a passion for photographing women and making them feel truly beautiful inside and out. I’m a wife and mom of two sweet boys who are my entire life and are the driving force behind why I created Embrace Presets and the community that has grown around it.

I started creating presets to help me in my own Boudoir business with the intention of speeding up my workflow but this community has become so much more. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to educate other photographers on editing and helping them take their work to the next level. There is a certain sense of pride and ownership that comes when you know how to use the tools of your trade, and this community has given me the opportunity to help so many others who have felt discouraged about their photos. That is what I love being able to do. 

I believe in community over competition and I believe we cannot do it all alone. We need to belong and we want to be inspired by one another. I believe we are all in it for the same reason. The love for photography and the passion to create… let’s be inspired! 

Please feel free to join the Embrace Presets community here if you haven’t already! We would love to have you.  Join here!


The Best Presets for Family Photography

Embrace Presets work great for family photography. I myself was actually a family photographer for several years before eventually venturing into the dark and moody niche of Boudoir. While I do have certain collections specifically for Boudoir work, most of my collections are more directed toward family portraits and work perfectly for family photography. 

There are so many presets to choose from, and deciding which one is best for you can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! We have a helpful guide that will walk you through the process of choosing the perfect preset for your family photos.


Which Preset Collection is Best for You?

These moody and vibrant Lightroom presets for photographers will help you create breathtaking edits. The best-selling Lightroom presets for Family Photography are listed below, but you will find over a dozen different collections and bundles available on our website. 

Here are our top 3 choices for the best collections for family photography!

1. The Embrace Collection – Volume I 

Classic, neutral tones

Before and After Photograph using the Embrace Collection of Presets
Sierra Summer Photo and Film | The Embrace Collection

2. The Beholden Collection

Warm, cozy, filmy tones

Before and after of the best lightroom presets for family photography
Photograph by Danielle Navratil | The Beholden Collection
Beholden Collection Presets for Lightroom. Best Presets for Family photography
Photographs by Danielle Navratil

3. The Wanderlust Collection

A timeless feel with soft, faded colors


before and after using the best lightroom presets for family photography
Photograph by Elephant Juice Photo | The Wanderlust Collection


Before and After Photograph by Jasmin Jade using the Wanderlust Collection
Photograph by Jasmin Jade | The Wanderlust Collection


Consider the Mood of Your Photos

Which mood are you trying to convey? Do you want a colorful and vibrant photo or do your clients and/or family prefer more neutral photos? There’s a preset for every mood.

Most recently, the Wild Lavender has been a favorite for summer sessions and works great for Golden Hour Photography.  Make your greens pop with these bright and vibrant summertime presets. Brown, silver, and Lilac tones to create warm, bohemian vibes.

These presets were created to work with all skin tones.


before and after using wild lavender presets the best presets for family photography


Check out the full list of collection options here.


Presets for Newborn Sessions

If you are looking for the best presets for newborn photography, then Embrace Presets is where it’s at. With a full collection specifically created for newborns, The Earthside presets will make your photos look professional and amazing. We all want our children to grow up with beautiful family memories and now we can capture them in style.

Ashlyn Hale is a Newborn and Portrait photographer from Toronto Canada, living the small-town life in Temiscaming, Quebec. Ashlyn created the Earthside Collection to help photographers achieve that moody and dreamy tone to their newborn and sitter sessions!

Earthside includes 54 different preset variations and offers something beautiful for every backdrop and color pallet. Earthside was specifically created to work best with the use of studio lighting!  example


How to Use Presets on your own Photography

Once you decide on the collection of your choice, the importing process is fairly simple. 

To use Embrace Presets once they are imported into your Lightroom, you’ll want to start out in the Library Module of Lightroom Classic or CC. 

-Select the photo or photos you would like to edit.

-Go to “Develop” on top of your screen and select “Presets” from the drop-down menu

Then, just sort through our gorgeous presets! There is so much variety that I promise it will be hard to choose just one.

Once you have decided on the preset you may need to make some slight adjustments. I personally usually like to check specifically my white balance and tone curve to ensure that everything looks right and matches up with the final vision that I am hoping to achieve.

For more editing tips and tutorials click here, or go to my Youtube channel for step-by-step editing videos!


Embrace Presets for Family Photography

Embrace Presets are perfect for family photography! 

One of the best things about using Embrace Presets is that they work well with any style and color palette. You can be sure your photos will look amazing when you use our presets to edit them in Lightroom or Photoshop.

When editing, I like to start out by adjusting the temperature, tones, and saturation of the photo. These adjustments will make sure your photos look amazing without having to do too much additional editing!

Here is an example of a 30-second edit. Check out the simple adjustments I make when editing with the Wanderlust collection! 


The Benefits of Using Presets

-Using presets speeds up editing time drastically!

-With presets, you know that your photos are going to look great without too much editing.

-Presets save you a lot of time with the tedious task of finding that perfect photo filter. 

[I tend to form a few favorites presets from various collections and go back to my favorites depending on the style of image I am editing]

-For amateur photographers or moms capturing their own family photographs… using presets can save you a lot of money on expensive photoshoots and editing! (a session can cost upwards of $400!) 

-Allow for better consistency in your work as a professional photographer


In Conclusion

Depending on what you’re looking for – we have a gorgeous preset collection that will match your needs and take any family portrait to the next level! If you need help choosing a collection please reach out to our Facebook community, or drop a comment below!

Embrace Presets have the best presets for family photography, newborn sessions, and portraits alike! Explore all our collections today.  

We offer a free collection as well… click here!

The Mint + Teal FREE Bundle

Free Mint and Teal Preset

These presets can be used in LR mobile app (.dng) and LR/ACR (.xmp)

This bundle comes with 3 different presets each with a different color focus to cover a wide range of image types and lighting scenarios.

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