As the season changes so do our photography locations. It is not always ideal for families, especially with little ones to go outside when it is so cold.

As we shoot inside we can not always control the lighting and surroundings, especially when shooting in your client’s home vs a studio.

The best part about using presets is that they can really help with creating that tone no matter where you shoot!

There are two presets that are hands down the best to use for indoor shoots and the best part they can also be used for those outdoor shoots in the warmer months! It’s a win win!

Wanderlust Collection is great for indoors because it has warmth tone to give you all those cozy feels for the indoor images. The best part of this preset is that it is not too invasive, the blacks and contrast can be dialed down for a less contrast look, along with the grain to make it less moody if you like. Wanderlust works well for all skin tones, it keeps the skin tones natural.

 Image by  JoJo Cooper Photography 

Edited with Wanderlust EW06

Embrace Presets is an amazing collection for indoors as it gives your flat photo a bit of pop without changing much of the colors. Embrace typically has a cooler tone which is easily corrected by changing your white balance.

Image by Marlee Kay Photos

Edited with Embrace