• Lightroom workflow

LightRoom Workflow

You’ve been asking about my Lightroom workflow, so I am answering! People have been wondering about my Lightroom workflow when it comes to culling and editing images. We often take so many images that we end up wondering how in [...]

  • Wild at Heart Workshop, Lightroom presets

Wild At Heart Workshop Roundup!

When I had the idea for the Wild at Heart Workshop, I had no idea what kind of magic would come with it… I shared my vision with my girl, Jessica Rae, and we came to the conclusion that we [...]

  • Different Ways to Edit Images

Different Ways to Edit Images

Sometimes, you just do not know how to edit images, which way it would look best, or if the photos is worth it at all. You might get stuck and have no inspiration for editing. I always like to step [...]

  • Why Lightroom Is Easier Than Photoshop

Why Lightroom Is Easier Than Photoshop

Photoshop and Lightroom are both amazing tools for photographers to use. Each program has their own pros and cons and the more seasoned of a photographer and editor you are, the more you probably enjoy using each program for its [...]

  • What I Have Learned

What I Have Learned

When I first found photography I had no idea how much it would change me. When I first picked up a camera it was like being born again. Yes, that does sound cheesy but it’s true! What I have learned [...]

  • Lightroom tips

How To Edit Natural Light in Lightroom

Is anyone else out there always chasing the light? As much as I love shooting in my studio, it’s a fun adventure when I get to take a client outside for their boudoir session. It feels a little more daring [...]

  • 5 Tips For Boudoir Photography

5 Tips For Boudoir Photography

Practice makes progress. Photography is no different, and we all know that from how much we’ve grown and changed over the weeks, months and even years. I gathered these tips for Boudoir Photography because when it comes to your boudoir [...]

  • Lightroom Mobile Presets

Lightroom Mobile Presets

So, you’re shooting a client session and it’s amazing. The light is perfect, your subjects are listening to every directive you give and you’re thinking about how you’re so blessed to be living this amazing life you’ve created for yourself. [...]

  • Tips For Editing Portraits Using Lightroom

5 Tips For Editing Portraits Using Lightroom

We all shoot portraiture during our sessions. If you’re doing a family session you’ll get some individual shots of people which is portraiture. If you’re shooting a branding session or boudoir session, that is also portraiture. Since portraits are something [...]