• How To Find Models

How To Find Models

There are times in our careers when hiring models are the right direction to go, and let me tell you how you can find models. Perhaps you are looking to expand your portfolio to offer sessions to a new target [...]

  • Why Lightroom Is Easier Than Photoshop

Why Lightroom Is Easier Than Photoshop

Photoshop and Lightroom are both amazing tools for photographers to use. Each program has their own pros and cons and the more seasoned of a photographer and editor you are, the more you probably enjoy using each program for its [...]

  • Posing Tips For Boudoir Photographers

Posing Tips For Boudoir Photographers

Did you know that you have a superpower? As boudoir photographers, we are all connected by the superpower we share. The results of our superpower are making our clients feel gorgeous, unstoppable and fierce. The way our client feels ripples [...]

  • How I Choose The Lighting, how to choose light, lighting tips, choosing the light in photography, embrace preset, wanderlust preset, beholden preset, jade preset

How I Choose The Lighting

I love my studio so much. All the years I’ve shot in a studio it’s been wonderful to have the consistency of the space. From the actual props we used to the lighting, it’s always consistent. Shooting outdoors is a [...]

  • What I Have Learned

What I Have Learned

When I first found photography I had no idea how much it would change me. When I first picked up a camera it was like being born again. Yes, that does sound cheesy but it’s true! What I have learned [...]

  • 5 Tips For Photographing Couples

5 Tips For Photographing Couples

Shooting couples is such a privilege-- whether a wedding, an engagement shoot or a just because session, being able to photograph two people in love is always an honor. I'm sharing my best tips for photographing couples because if you’re [...]

  • Photography tips, embrace preset, wanderlust preset, beholden preset, jade preset

5 Golden Hour Photography Tips

Golden hour is that dreamy time when the sun is setting and the sun leaves a gorgeous golden wash over everything it touches. Golden hour is prime time for us photographers and we chase the light to create the images [...]

  • Whats in my bag

What’s In My Bag

“What’s in your bag?” This is a question every photographer hears. From new photographers wondering what kind of gear is best to invest in, to seasoned photographers looking for new cameras and gadgets to play with, hearing what is in [...]

  • How To Work With Agency Models

How To Work With Agency Models

Shooting with a model is nothing short of amazing. Learning how to work with Agency models has some advantages, such as they know how to work with your camera and how to set a mood. A good model will work [...]