How I Got The Shot : Golden Hour

As a photographer when you see someone's work do you ever wonder "How did they get that shot?", or "How do they get their images to look that way?".

I am so excited to be sharing a new blog series where myself and other featured photographers go through a photo and explain how we were able to create this shot! Fun right?!

Let's begin! This photo was taken in the Fall, it was almost sunset and the sun was just peeking from behind the trees. It was much darker than usual so the sun was not as strong in this photo. I made this setting work by having her stand right where I could see the sunlight peeking, I wanted to get just a wee little bit of sun flare so that it would hit her hair because it looked ever so beautiful.

If I would have chosen her standing right in from of the sun she would be blocking the little light that we did have and the image would have been too dark and blocking the sunlight would have created too much haze

The dress was absolutely stunning and I really wanted to showcase the back so I asked my model to turn around and to please her head towards the sun. As she moved the bottom of the dress was not to my preference so I adjusted the bottom of the dress. Her son, typical boy was not really participating but we did want some mother and son photos. I asked him to walk up to his mother to give her a hug and while he was walking I could see this photo unfolding before my eyes, so I took this opportunity to capture this moment by asking the Mother to lift her arm to give her son her hand.

It is important as a photographer to know what you want to shoot but also to be open to these hidden gems of moments within a shoot. If you get a feeling while shooting go with it! You just might get the best shot of the session this way!

My settings were: 1/2000 f 2.8 ISO 320.

I edited this one with the Embrace Vol II 9 presets and the WB 13 preset on top. The Embrace Vol 11 9 preset making the image pop! and the WB 13 preset was used  to help bring warmth to the image for that golden hour glow I was envisioning.

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  1. I have a what may seem like a weird question. How do you get 2 presets on one photo?
    I edit in LR and there is only ever an option for one. Do you do one, make edits, save and then re-upload and add the second one?
    Thanks a ton. The other info was great!!


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