These last few months have been a wild ride for so many people and businesses. We have all had to adapt overnight. This phase we are in will not last forever even though some days it may feel that way. [...]


Business Survival Tips

Can we all agree that things have been hard? This virus has really knocked the wind out of a lot of us and has left us all on the ground, feeling like we forgot how to to use our arms [...]


Together United

Never would I have thought I would be writing a blog about a pandemic. It seems so surreal. These are very much uncharted waters and I know we are all on this emotional roller coaster together. I want you all [...]


How I Got The Shot

Today I wanted to go over my thought process and my steps for when I am styling and photographing boudoir. How fun right? I make sure once my client books to send her my questionnaire through Honeybook (Photographer friends if [...]


How To Create The Best Session For Your Client

Laura McPherson | Elephant Juice Photography So many factors go into making your family sessions (or really any type of session) flow and result in images you love! Let's chat about How To Create The Best Session For Your Client! [...]


The Best of 2019 Featured Images

I am always amazed by the incredible talent of our Embrace nation. When I visit the Facebook group and view your work, I am completely moved by images you are creating by manifesting your creative expression. I feel honored you [...]


The Road To Your Artistic Voice

  Jodi Lynn Buckles | Jodi Lynn Photography Finding your true Artistic voice and that rich meaning in your work that we all crave is not something that happens overnight. That is the part that takes grit and strength, hard [...]


Learn How To Edit Winter Sessions

Learn How to edit Winter Sessions in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC We are now in the winter months, well some of us. If you are a photographer that lives in a colder climate this blog is for you! I am [...]


How I Got The Shot : Golden Hour

As a photographer when you see someone's work do you ever wonder "How did they get that shot?", or "How do they get their images to look that way?". I am so excited to be sharing a new blog series [...]