How to Develop Your Own Photography Editing Style

Any experienced artist, whatever their medium, will tell you that the journey to finding their personal style was one of the most difficult moments in their career, and photography is certainly no exception. It sounds like a simple idea, but [...]


The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Noise Reduction

We’ve all experienced this in our photography journey. That uneven, grainy, pixellated look that turns what you’d expect to be the ‘perfect shot’ into a not-so-great one. Back in the time of film, 'noise' was called ‘grain’ and was not [...]


5 Self-Care Tips for Business Owners

Finding the perfect work-life balance can be easier said than done. As a busy entrepreneur, I know how things get!  With never-ending to-do lists, prioritizing work over wellness can become a habit that just seems to make the most sense.  [...]

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