Learn How To Edit Winter Sessions

Learn How to edit Winter Sessions in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC We are now in the winter months, well some of us. If you are a photographer that lives in a colder climate this blog is for you! I am [...]


How I Got The Shot : Golden Hour

As a photographer when you see someone's work do you ever wonder "How did they get that shot?", or "How do they get their images to look that way?". I am so excited to be sharing a new blog series [...]


Boudoir Photographer Must Have

As a boudoir photographer, I am always looking for ways to add more value for my clients. When your client comes to see you for boudoir they are coming to you to let their inner and outer beauty shine. It [...]


Best Presets For Indoor Sessions

As the season changes so do our photography locations. It is not always ideal for families, especially with little ones to go outside when it is so cold. As we shoot inside we can not always control the lighting and [...]



Ah the holiday season, so much magic around this time of year! This month our hashtag was #joy2019 it did not dissappoint! I loved all the image submissions! looking over the images definitely brought some joy into my morning! All [...]



Have you joined our Facebook community? We do fun monthly challenges, giveaways, and themes! If you are a photographer I would strongly encourage you to join our community. This community will inspire you for your next photoshoot, provide feedback/insight and [...]


Golden Hour Edit

Who loves to shoot outdoors? Especially that golden hour, what a dream right? The lighting is always so illuminating and you get such a great vibe when editing the session. Golden hour can also have its challenges when editing, am [...]


Family Session Tips

Boudoir might be my speciality but I am no stranger to family sessions. No matter your photography niche, this is the time of year where you’ll find people suddenly asking for a family mini session so the perfect Christmas card [...]


Nightmare Before Christmas…

October was #Spooky Season in the Facebook group and I LOVED seeing all of your images! The creativity, the drama and moody vibes, and the talent that came to play during this challenge were so wonderful to see. I am [...]