Embrace Volume II

Can we get a round of applause for the Embrace Collection?

It’s a favorite of thousands, used consistently by countless photographers, and the collection that really started it all, the Embrace Collection was tried and tested and has proven true by photographers just like you. It was this collection that spurred on the others and now, it’s time for an encore.

Embrace, Volume II, has arrived and is the exclusive, premium preset collection to follow-up the original, best-selling Embrace collection. Like every encore, this collection is only the best of the best presets that will drastically improve your editing flow, the look and feel of your images, and will create the consistent look you brand your work with that make clients flock to you.

The Embrace Collection Volume II contains 13 (yes, 13) White Balance toning presents PLUS 30 (yes yes, 30!) carefully handcrafted premium presets. This collection is filled with all of the presets you will need for the images you take. From outdoor wedding sessions to moody indoor boudoir, from golden hour couples sessions to indoor family sessions, there are seemingly endless ways to use these presets to bring your artistic vision to life.

Embrace, Volume II, will exceed your expectations and you’ll easily see how each and every preset was curated intentionally to work with a variety of image styles. I take pride in each preset, and you can imagine that each and every preset has a golden seal of approval coming from me and the photographers who tested out these premium presets.



Photography by Sabrina Jean of Ashlyn Hale

Plus, as a little treat, two of my popular presets from the Boudoir Tones are included in this set. They became the go-to for boudoir photographs so I wanted to be sure you had access to them, too!

Check out the Embrace Collection Volume II today and take your images, your brand, your editing and your business to the next level.

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