about the course

When I think of what happens in Lightroom, I imagine it like stepping into one of your first boudoir sessions you’ve ever done. You have a vision in your mind of what you want to see happen, you have everything you need and more at your fingertips to make it happen, and it is totally up to you to harness your power to create powerful images for your client that bring your vision to life. Those first few boudoir sessions feel a little heavy– playful and fun but you’re maybe a little anxious to be doing something so different. And friends, let me tell you, beginning in Lightroom is the same kind of excitement and nervousness.

You open up lightroom, import your images, and then there you are. All the tools you need at your fingertips, a vision in your mind, and yet that familiar nervousness appears when you consider what to do first– how do you make your vision and the final image line up? How do you begin to really understand lightroom so you can use it to the best of its ability to create incredible photographs that capture the magic of the moment from the session?

This is what this course is all about.
Lightroom 101 is just that– your 101 course to get you into Lightroom, familiar with what all the tools are, all the tricks, and how to make the capabilities of Lightroom bring the vision for your work to life with a few clicks, slides and taps in Lightroom.

who is this course for

Whether you’re new to photography and have only used presets in Lightroom before or you’ve been using Lightroom for a while but you feel like you’re still not quite getting it, this course can be the answer you’ve been looking for.

If you’re tired of relying on only presets and want to learn to tweak things to bring to life their potential then you’ll find this course is the next step to taking your photography to the next level. Presets are amazing (I love them and use them all the time, too!) but there’s so much that happens AFTER applying a preset. All those fine-tune adjustments are crucial to take an image from good to breathtaking and isn’t that what we are all after? Images that will leave our clients in awe– completely wonderstruck by what they are seeing.

what to expect

  • All the content delivered immediately

  • Expect only the things that are worth knowing to elevate your work.
  • Expect every module to be one where you can instantly apply what you’re learning to see a real difference in the images you are working with.

  • However you learn best, we got you! Content will be delivered via text, voiced over slides, videos and worksheets.

  • Exclusive discounts that you won’t want to miss.

  • FULL support. We have a private Facebook group where I will be responding to every question that comes in. We will also have full email support.

Each module is packed with the content you want and the resources to help you actually understand what is being talked about. Comparison images, screenshots right from Lightroom, videos to walk you through each adjustment step by step as you follow along and edit images. Watch the magic happen as they transform before your eyes. Expect your photos at the end of this course to be better than you ever imagined.

module descriptions

Module 1 – Intro

Clearing the air and getting everything on the table so you know who I am why, why I am so passionate about helping you live your best life in Lightroom and getting rid of any misconceptions about Lightroom you may have been buying into before you’ve even gotten started.

Module 2 – Fundamentals

We all start somewhere and the basics are crucial. A strong foundation in any program you use is going to help you in the long run so we won’t skip a thing. In this module, we are talking about file storage, importing your images, culling, and synching images. This foundation will make these tasks that can feel tedious feel like a breeze.

Module 3 – Lightroom Panel

Talk about overwhelming– just looking at the Lightroom panel can be panic-inducing. Let’s give you the confidence to approach each tool intentionally as you tweak your images. We are breaking down the capabilities of the entire panel AND when and why you’d want to use each tool. No playing around here– we want you to know exactly what you need to do in Lightroom. From Histogram to Split Toning, from Lens Correction to Effects, I’m breaking down all 9.

Module 4 – Editing

If the fundamentals were the foundation, the Lightroom Panel was our structure and now editing is where we are picking the tiles and backsplashes, paint colour and furniture. This is where we start to see vision really come to life. Together we will go through common editing problems you’ve most likely already run into and didn’t know how to troubleshoot, as well as walking you through editing a variety of lighting situations you most commonly find yourself in. Together we will edit sunset images, images taken in harsh midday light and blue hour. We’ll be thorough and I’ll show you how to enhance the sky, edit different skin tones, working with eyes and more.

Module 5 – Exporting and Finishing Touches

We imported so now let’s export. You’ll learn how to prep your files, how to export and the best practices for delivery that will set your clients up to do more than look at their images but actually experience them for the first time. This is the breath-taking moment they’ve been waiting for you and you, my friend, will deliver that magic.

Module 6 – Working with Presets

Presets are my favorite but it’s just ‘apply a preset and done’. It’s really more like ‘apply a preset, tweak, adjust until it’s perfect, then done’. A preset does the heavy lifting but you still need to go in and adjust for your specific images. We will go through how to make adjustments so that presets for FOR you, not against you.



The investment doesn’t seem like too much when you think about all of the time, stress and efforts that you will save. The registration fee is $175.