Did you know that you have a superpower?

As boudoir photographers, we are all connected by the superpower we share. The results of our superpower are making our clients feel gorgeous, unstoppable and fierce. The way our client feels ripples out to their creative energy and confidence they bring to us during their session and then they leave their session feeling empowered to be the most amazing and authentic versions of themselves.

The superpower you possess isn’t editing, it isn’t quit wit to make your client laugh and it’s not even an amazing studio setup and flattering lighting.Your superpower is the power to pose.

The superpower of posing is incredible.

It’s like that saying, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.

With this superpower of yours, it is your responsibility to pose your client in a way that will produce the best possible photograph. Your ability to pose your client and ease them into the poses, ensuring them that they look fabulous, is one of the best ways to use your superpower for good in the photography world.

So how do you hone your superpower?

In all the superhero movies that is always that stage where the superhero is just learning about their ability and just figuring out how to best wield their power.

Here are the best posing tips for boudoir photographers that will help you really get confident in your superpower so you can wow your next client!

​TIP 1 – Get to know your client
Get to know your client so you know how to make them feel comfortable. The more you and your client chat and get to know each other before the shoot, the more relaxed they will be during their session, which means they will be willing to do what you say and will feel confident that you are making them look good. Send out questionnaires, help them pick their lingerie and talk during their hair and makeup! Be totally available for them so they understand you are in their corner, ready and willing to be their cheerleader and always keeping their best face (or booty) forward.
TIP 2- Remember the FAB 4
The FAB 4 are the 4 things you should always remember to look for on your client. The hand placement, the facial expression, the curves and the hair. If a client feels uncomfortable, their face and hands will show it. Asking your client to close their eyes and exhale is a great way to help them relax before you take a shot! The client is counting on YOU to make their curves pop and keep their hair looking flawless.

TIP 3 – Posing should make sense!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise for you but posing really should make sense. The pose you put her in should be true to reality, but slightly more exaggerated to really capture all the subtleties. Once you posed your client and captured the photograph, you can prompt your client to move naturally (run her fingers through her hair, close her eyes, etc) which will create new life in the pose and allow you to capture all the sizzling details.

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​While we can’t all go to superhero skills, I want to be the wise leader who is here to help you! Consider my posing guide in the shop your curriculum in the Academy for the Boudoir Superhero! My guide gives you ALL my best posing tips for boudoir photographers, from where to put your focus, the right words to say to encourage and give comfort to your clients and even the exact wording I use to guide my clients into the poses that leave their own jaws dropping when they see the final images.

This guide is seriously going to help your posing superpower impact each and every client you have the opportunity to work with. I even give you my exact posing flows to transition your client from pose to natural movement! Trust me, this guide is worth it! Check it out in the shop here.