The Best Lightroom Presets for Golden Hour

Are you searching for the best Lightroom presets to perfect your golden hour photos? I have the answer you are looking for. Embrace Presets are stunning and simple to use preset collections that will blow your mind (literally). 

Each preset is carefully crafted to fit your individual style and leave you wondering why you didn’t start using presets sooner. 

Created for all photographers by an actual photographer with loads of personal editing experience, my easy-to-use Lightroom presets will save you time and energy in editing your photos. Embrace Presets are designed for all skin tones and stay true to color while requiring minimal adjustments after installation.


The best Lightroom presets for Golden Hour

Every different preset collection available offers a distinct look so you can pick the one that most effortlessly matches your creative style. A cohesive look that makes your vision a reality. 

When shooting at golden hour, you will most likely be working with beautiful yellow and orange light, long soft shadows, and silhouettes. it’s a beautiful time of day and simply the most magical light if captured correctly.  It is important to use presets that will give you all the warm tones, creamy whites, and sun-kissed skin tones -- without those heavy shadows that so often plague this time of day!


The Embrace Presets Wild Lavender collection was created specifically for Golden Hour photography. Whether you want to elevate your golden hour photos or emulate the golden hour look, these presets are geared to get you the warmth that you are looking for in your images. 


 Using this collection can help speed up your workflow with minor to zero adjustments. Designed for Lightroom and ACR. Watch your image transform before your eyes, and push your golden hour work to the next level.

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Edit with the Wanderlust Collection

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What is the Golden Hour and why is it so important?

‘Golden hour’ can be found in every corner of the world around sunrise and sunset.  When the sun is coming up or going down, the sky changes to a soft hue of reds and oranges. This time is perfect for photographers because the natural light will be at its most interesting where colors are vibrant with reduced shadows and intense contrast.

The golden hour is the time between sunset and the end of the night. It's the perfect time to take photos because the sky has a beautiful glow, the air isn't too hot or cold, and the light creates soft shadows on any object. The sun's rays come from behind you so there are no harsh lines in your photos- the shadows give your subjects a soft glow.

Embrace Presets has the best Lightroom presets that make it easier than ever to create the perfect golden hour photo.


The benefits of using presets for Golden Hour sessions

There are many benefits that come with the use of a preset during golden hour sessions. 

One benefit is the ability to edit pictures cohesively without needing to make any major adjustments. Embrace presets have been designed for working with all types of skin tones and lighting changes, meaning you can capture the best moments and edit your entire gallery the same way for every image. 

Another perk is the time it will save when editing your photos- work quicker and save time!

Golden hour is the perfect opportunity to take the most beautiful photos and our presets will help you do just that.


Tips on how to use a preset in Lightroom

You can add a preset to your photo with one click of the mouse, and then adjust everything else as you see fit.

Start by clicking the 'Develop' tab on the left side of Lightroom. Right-click on any image in the folder that needs editing (or select more than one if needed). Select “Presets” in the drop-down menu that appears, and select the preset you want to edit.

You can also drag the selected presets onto the image to change the settings or simply double-click on a preset with your cursor over an image so it becomes active. Hit "Apply" at the bottom of Lightroom's window when finished making adjustments.

Once you click it, the photo will automatically open with the new look applied to it. This is a simple way of saving time because there's no need for any adjustments after installation.


Experiment with different presets 

You don't have to stick with just one preset! By experimenting with different presets, you'll give your photos a new look every time- try them all to explore different editing styles. 

The best part about the presets is that they are easy to use and require minimal work on your end. If you edit the photo too much, the end result won’t look as natural. Make sure you don’t overdo it! 

Some Lightroom presets may need fine-tuning depending on how dark or vibrant the colors were in the original image - if this applies to your photo, the change can be made by adjusting the exposure and contrast sliders.

Depending on the photo you are editing, there may also be the need to adjust the white balance in order for it to blend better with the preset (you will see a ‘WB’ button just below where you choose a preset) 

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How to install your new Lightroom Preset in Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC.

The installation process is the same for both Lightroom CC and Lightroom classic. First, you'll need to go to the Presets tab in either program. Next, click the "Load" button at the top of the list on the left side of your computer screen (or select 'Open' if using Photoshop Elements).

Scroll the list of presets until you find the preset you want to load and click "Open."  Finally, the new preset will be added to your list.

You'll need a few things before installing the presets:

- Photoshop Elements or Lightroom CC software   - an internet connection (to download the zip file) And also... A computer or laptop with the ability to connect to the internet

Here is our in-depth guide for importing your Embrace Presets into Lightroom


What are Lightroom presets and why do they matter?

Lightroom presets are the new and easy way to perfect your photos. Say goodbye to the frustration of hours in front of the computer, Lightroom presets will save you time with minimal work on your end. The best part? You don’t need any technical knowledge about editing software!

Lightroom presets will take your photography to the next level and leave you with the images you deserve, because it is as easy as one-two-three! Embrace Presets are Lightroom preset collections created with photographers in mind - that offer a truly distinctive look so you can pick the collection that most effortlessly matches your style.

Embrace Preset Packs are perfect for any photographer, from beginner to the most advanced. With over a dozen of different collections and bundles, it’s easy to find the right ones for you. 

Explore all Embrace Presets here


How to use Lightroom presets in your photography workflow

Install the presets with the installation instructions found in the 'installation' tab of the pack.

- open your photo and click on the preset you want to apply (you will see a preview near the top). You can also choose from any preset pack by using the dropdown menu and selecting which one you would like to use.

- the presets are designed so that the work is minimal on your end. You can see the preset's design in the 'description' tab of the pack, as well as which adjustments you may need to make after installing the presets (if any) 

- the presets are compatible with Lightroom as well as Adobe Camera RAW. Be sure to check your compatibility matches the collection you are interested in prior to making a purchase. The compatibility varies as some of our older collections will work on older versions, whereas newer collections function only on newer Lightroom versions. 

- Embrace Preset packs are versatile and can be used for a wide variety of photos, such as portraits, landscapes, or anything in between!


The best Lightroom presets for Golden Hour

Embrace Presets have several collections that work wonders for golden hour.  They are the perfect lightroom presets for the best golden hour photography.

Here is our top collections for editing golden hour. 



Your new favorite collection has arrived in time for the busy season. Make your greens pop with these bright and vibrant summertime presets. Brown, silver, and Lilac tones to create warm, bohemian vibes. These presets were created to work with all skin tones. Perfect for the Golden Hour.

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