When I first started learning photography and editing about 6 years ago, I spent so much money buying presets and actions to make my photographs look how I wanted them to. I told myself (and a friend who I was venting about my endless stream of purchasing presets and actions to) that in 5 years I would be selling presets that I knew photographers hungered for. Without much thought to this statement, I continued on in my photography journey, not really realizing how profound the act of speaking this statement out loud and claiming it in the Universe would be

As I went from novice to experienced photography, I started being asked often about my editing style, which spurred a decision that would change my life. Two years ago I decided to put myself out there and sell my very first preset collection that I had made specifically for my own boudoir work. After learning the ins and outs of creating them, using them constantly for my own work and having them extensively testing on other photographers work, I streamlined them for the general popular, ensuring they’d work for every photographer as much as possible.

The Embrace Collection was this first set of presents near and dear to my heart. It is such a mind-boggling concept– giving my personal editing style out to the world to use. Since its release, The Embrace Collection has been used by thousands of photographers around the world and was especially successful among by boudoir peers.

Boudoir can require its own unique look– a little more moody, a little more dramatic, and a little more smooth than presets you’d use for other family or portraiture work. Fast forward to now and once again, I am putting my personal style out into the world with The Boudoir Tones.

The Boudoir Tones Presets have been a labor of love over the past year and a half where I’ve taken the exact presets I use for my own boudoir work, fine-tuned them to perfection, and now, they are available for you.

I am a moody shooter so The Boudoir Tones preset collection has been created for your dark and moody artwork. The presets will pop the highlights to give you the mood you are craving for dramatic boudoir work. The Boudoir Tones preset collection is created specifically for low light and directed light boudoir imagery. That being said, since the release, people have been using them for brighter images, even those with an airy look, and have found them to be absolutely stunning making the collection super versatile for both dark and light images.

After testing out The Boudoir Tones collection of presets, I am pleased to say they work very well for images in flat and in natural light. It takes these lighting situations and gives them a moody vibe with more contrast. Some of the presets in the collection have a grainy, striking feel while some have that creamy vibe that give perfect skin tone. The tonal range of this set ranges from blue hues to warm brown tones. Mood, cream, fade and black and white magic.

I shoot incredible clients with a wide variety of different skin tones so this set is also designed to be skin tone centric and works well with all skin tones! This is a huge feature of these presets as common feedback from presets is changing a skin tone too much where the client almost becomes unrecognizable. That will not happen here! I have also included a set of 9 Skin Brushes to beautifully illuminate your subject.

The Boudoir Tones is a comprehensive set of 37 presets that will transform your boudoir work to be the breathtaking, sensational imagery you envision in your mind and see with your eyes when you are behind your camera shooting your clients. 37 presets. 9 skin brushes. All in one extensive collection ready for you to use to revolutionize your work.