The Road To Your Artistic Voice

Jodi Lynn Buckles | Jodi Lynn Photography

Finding your true Artistic voice and that rich meaning in your work that we all crave is not something that happens overnight. That is the part that takes grit and strength, hard work, dedication and exploration. The part that is messy and long, and often filled with self doubt and late nights. It is all too common to go through valleys and peaks, smiles and tears, adversity and success on the road to finding your true heart in your work. That depth and meaning you so fiercely seek is a journey; not solely a destination. But when you do get to that beautiful place, the place where you feel there is a piece of your soul in every single image you create, that is when you will finally feel home.

The Road To Your Artistic Voice
The Road To Your Artistic Voice

I always encourage Artists to dig a little deeper when exploring the genre and stories that tug at their heart strings. Ask those bigger questions….what images call to you, which are the ones you keep coming back to you, what are the moments that make you feel emotions so strongly, often the ones you sometimes shy away from and fear? I encourage you to really soak in those sessions and heartfelt truths, because often that is where that sacred space in this industry is for you. And your place may look a little different than somebody else’s and that is okay because it is your breadth and yours alone.

How do you find your true voice, how do you tap into exploring rich meaning in your work? First and foremost, pay attention to and cultivate the relationships in your own life that strongly matter to you. Really listen to the conversations that stir your heart, soak in the moments in life that resonate with you, the ones you know you will miss later when they are gone. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, listen to music, go on walks, connect with nature, meditate, read, watch plays, visit galleries, attend dance performances ...take the time to expand yourself through the Arts. And more than anything, don’t be afraid to try it all, shoot creatively and for yourself, don’t look for outside influences to create you, let YOU create you.

“your art is not about
how many people like your work
your art is about
if your heart likes your work
if your soul likes your work
it's about how honest
you are with yourself
and you must never
trade honesty for relatability”
~ Rupi Kaur, Milk + Honey

Tapping into your true passion with your work is where the purpose is created. Seek the imagery that makes you feel something because that is where the true connection is for you, that piece of your own story. I encourage you not to expect nor crave for your work to look like anyone else's. Their truth is theirs, and yours is yours. Art is not about putting yourself in a box like others, nor is it about how many likes or follows you get. It is about letting your soul shine, finding out a little bit more about your deepest self on your journey and growing and expanding as an Artist.

Trust in the true stories you see shine through with your work and commit to making it speak to you. Surround yourself with love, honesty, creativity and drive and don’t be afraid to face the messy things too. That is when you will be authentically you and will attract the clients who are meant for you. You don’t need to be for everyone, but the stories that are meant for you to tell will be yours to beautifully visually illustrate. And, each and every image you create will guide you further down that road to finding you.

Jodi Lynn Buckles | Jodi Lynn Photography

The Road To Your Artistic Voice

Workshop Daybreak : Awakening The Artist Within November 12-15, 2020

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