Tips To Remain Your Authentic Self As A Photographer

As a photographer how to do you stand out?

There is the fine line between making sure your portfolio has those standard "In" shots. I'm talking about a woman in a pretty dress, golden hour shot, the whole family wearing hipster clothing, the classic butt boudoir shots vs. being your authentic self in photography. Let's go over some Tips to Remain Your Authentic Self. 

Tips to Remain Your Authentic Self

Take those images while remaining authentically you! Use your photography special sauce!

Stay true to your authentic style! I know as a photographer it's really hard to not compare yourself to someone else's style or what the norm is doing. You may get those "extra" likes on social or shares, but at the end of the day, it gets lost amongst the others that are doing the exact same thing.

Here are some tips for you to be "current" but yet authentic to yourself.

1. Tones

Check out your portfolio. Look to see what color tones you mostly edit towards, what are you drawn to? For me when I look at my overall portfolio, I am drawn to the dark cool moody tones and that's how I like to edit my personal work. No matter what I am doing I will always remain that way even though the yellow, airy look is in right now but that is not my style and I am not going to compromise. My ideal client will be drawn to that moody look and book me for that very reason.

Tips to Remain Your Authentic Self

2. Presets

Once you decided on your overall tones, keep editing that way to keep a cohesive look and brand. You may alternate between different presets but keep the overall color tone similar. Make sure to take a peak at my preset page and see if you will find a preset that feels authentic to you. 

3. Poses

Is there a pose that you love and you do with all your clients? Stick with it, that's your "signature move!" Always incorporate it in your sessions, don't always post it on your social but except that you might be known for a particular move. I incorporated my top three signature moves in a freebie if you are interested in learning my boudoir signature poses.

Tips to Remain Your Authentic Self

I hope these tips give you the confidence to stay true to yourself and I would love to hear in what ways you remain authentically you, comment below!



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