How are you?
How are you feeling? Like, really feeling? About your photography? About your skills?
Sit with your thoughts for a moment and allow me to drop a truth bomb on the topic of creativity…

Do you feel like the art of photography has changed over the past few years?
Do you feel like you cannot keep up with current trends?
Do you feel the pressure that every single shot you take needs to be styled, trendy, on top of a mountain with the perfect gust of wind that flawlessly tousles hair and adds movement an image while the immaculate golden light glistens across your subject and the landscape?

This isn’t the good ol’ days of session work.
Nowadays you can’t just give a client a list of clothing do’s and don’ts as guidance and have them show up authentically themselves for their family session. Today, to be par with trends you have to have them styled a certain way so it will match the popular, seamless aesthetic so you can hope for your work to be featured by a prominent magazine or Instagram account. You have to shoot a certain way and pose a certain way in order to be recognized by your peers and even clients are catching onto the trend, coming to you with a Pinterest board filled with images of these popular styled shots.

Instagram is filled with the same images over and over…
The same style over… and over…

So I’m asking you, my friend, where did we leave our own creative voice?
Being influenced by so many images flooding social media daily, we are left to wonder how we are supposed to keep our own authentic voice alive. And not just alive and whispering but bold and expressive. How do we keep from unconsciously creating the same images over and over, falling into the trap of losing our voice just so we can fit in?

If you keep on looking around you, if you keep mindlessly scrolling Instagram daily, you will lose your authentic voice (or never find it to begin with) because your mind will be too busy with all the imagery it has seen to know what is authentic to you. The more you look around you, the more you lose your own creativity.

​I’d like to encourage you to consciously consume social media.
Be inspired by what you see but make sure you take breaks from looking around you to spark your own creativity. Set a time limit on scrolling or set an intention before you open your phone for what your purpose with opening Instagram is and look at your feed with that focus. Your focus could be connection, inspiration or checking your stats.

The constant, mindless scrolling instagram can make you feel like you don’t belong. That same scrolling can make you feel like you’re not good enough of a photographer when the truth is, you ARE good enough and you DO BELONG! You belong right here, with all of us, creating what sparks our passion and creativity and using YOUR OWN VOICE to create work you love.