Virtual Shoot Out Tips

These last few months have been a wild ride for so many people and businesses. We have all had to adapt overnight. This phase we are in will not last forever even though some days it may feel that way.

We all took this time to spend time with our families, we took the time to change up how we ran our businesses, we are now taking the time to invest in our education, practicing different editing styles, started creating differently as we did before; maybe some started blogging too daunting months earlier. We started to change our marketing strategies, having more time to interact on our social accounts to keep connected with our clients and future clients, and creating special offers for the fall shoots.

When everything seemed to be falling apart the photography communities came together, supporting one another. What I love most about the communities rallying together is the virtual live shootouts. If you are unfamiliar with shootouts it is when a group of photographers shoot the same subject together. They are so much fun! and a great way to begin and nurture relationships. Virtually is very much the same thing but instead, the photographers are taking screenshots while the person is at home posing over Facebook live.

These live shootouts are a great way to try shooting a different genre, maybe you always wanted to do Boudoir but didn't know how to start or find a model, now is your chance to experience it!

I want to share with you some Virtual Shoot Out tips so that you have the most fun and successful turnout with your images.

  1. Ask a model if they would be interested in posing for your virtual shoot out.  Great way practice before you offer this to your clients.  For my last shoot out I had Chelsea (photo above).  To book her click here.
  2. Before you start you need to get the REMINI app- It will take your low-quality photos to high definition and clarity. Trust me it will blow your mind.
  3. When editing your images in your LR mobile app turn down the texture and then sharpen your image. This will help to make your image more clear and help when you apply a preset.
  4. Apply a Preset! Don't forget to use this time to experiment with different color tones! This should be a fun creative process to get you out of your comfort zone to get your creative juices flowing.

I have been having so much fun with these live shootouts in my group and seeing all your edits. If you would like to participate in a live shootout come join us here. I would love to have you come play with us!

Photo by Sircy J Photography

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