What’s In My Bag

Whats in my bag

“What’s in your bag?”

This is a question every photographer hears. From new photographers wondering what kind of gear is best to invest in, to seasoned photographers looking for new cameras and gadgets to play with, hearing what is in a photographers bag is always exciting.

Today I’m sharing what’s in my bag! I have a variety of cameras, lenses and tools I’ve accumulated in the last 5 years that I love for a number of different reasons. If you’re a photographer, you know what it’s like to fall in love with the specific look a lens gives, the dreamy feel of one or the crisp look of another. All of these little factors play a part in what’s in my bag.

Let’s take a look…
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Sigma 24mm 1.4 ART
Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART
I don’t know what to tell you about these lenses other then they are my two favorites. Since getting the Sigma 35mm I’ve barely taken it off my camera. The Sigma 24mm is my go-to for outdoor shots where I want to capture more landscape and is perfect in tight spots. I wrote a blog post about them in September that talks more about how amazing shows examples of the power of these two lenses. Take a look at the blog and you’ll see why they are amazing!

Nikon 85 1.4

This lens is amazing for ensuring your subject is crisp and clear while the background becomes velvety and smooth. Absolutely perfect for creating stunning boudoir images.


Nikon 105

Nikon 24-70

This lens is a ‘good for everything’ lens that is great to take when travelling or when I need to leave some gear behind. It’s great in many situations and is quite versatile. The bokeh isn’t as velvety as other lenses but for a lens that can work for just about everything, the quality it gives is still wonderful.


The Lensbaby Velvet 56

The Lensbaby is new to me and my gear bag so I’m still learning the ins and outs of all the capabilities but I already love the dreamy feel it gives me. The lens gives a soft, glowing effect that gives my images a film-like, organic quality that is oh so gorgeous.


The Zeiss 55mm

This lens is sharp! If you want what you’re shooting to be sharp right to the edge of the frame, this is the lens for you. This kind of lens is great for detail shots where every detail right to the edge is something you want to be captured in perfect crispness.
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Camera Bodies

Nikon d800
There are SO MANY reasons I love my Nikon’s! I often underexpose my images and I feel like I get more depth in my shadows when shooting with any of my Nikon’s. I also love the tones they create which, I’ll be honest with you, I don’t actually know that has something to do with Nikon but I really think so! My Nikon’s all produce these beautiful tones that I just can’t get enough of! The Nikon’s also have a really dynamic range which makes them the perfect addition for my bag-- I’m prepared in every situation.

Sony A7riii
Bear with me as I warn you by saying I am not a technical person. I love my Sony because I feel like it just gives me beautiful colors that I adore!
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Bag + Extras

Camera Bag - Kamrette
I’ve tried so many camera bags over the years and this Kamrette bag is the FIRST camera bag that I can say I LOVE. I have the Lyra Backpack, which was a fresh take on their camera hand bag.I would recommend their bags to everyone and highly recommend purchasing one from them if you’re in the market for a bag that’s perfect for travelling!Strap - The Moneymaker


I LOVE the Moneymaker camera strap because it is so practical! What’s better than having a camera on each side? No wonder it’s called the money maker!

Light - Westcott Ice Light 2

This light is perfect for creating dreamy pools of light over a person I’m photographing-- especially if we are outside and it is getting dark. It’s compact enough to take on the go and gives off consistent light so I know right away exactly how it’s going to look.

Aerosol Spray

Add a little hazy, foggy, dreamy effect to your photos with Aerosol spray. I never know when I might need it so it’s in the camera bag for those moments I think it’ll really enhance an image.Reflector


This is a no-brainer! Always handy to have!A well-stocked camera bag ready for any and every situation means you won’t miss out on opportunities to create the image you envision in your mind. I have learned that it is best to be prepared for any situation I find myself in-- whether I am shooting in the desert or in a studio. I love the gear I use and I’m always on the lookout for new lenses and accessories that can help me along the way.

What is in your bag? Have you tried out any of the lenses, camera bodies or other gear that I love?


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