Who Is Your Ideal Client?

There’s this little phrase you might hear people say often that goes, “you should market to your ideal client.” Do you know who your ideal client is? Do you know why it is better to spend your time marketing to your ideal client and not, well, everyone else?

When we talk about ideal clients as photographers, we are talking about the exact person you want to photograph. Your ideal client is the ideal-- the person who will love the work you do, be willing to pay without fuss and will sing your praises to those they meet.

The best way to understand your ideal client is to think of the work you do, then think of who would appreciate it. How much does your ideal client value photographer? What do they appreciate about it? What makes them love your work more than someone else's? What makes them unique as a person and what characteristics do they have that match your work and your brand?

When I decided to find out who my ideal client was and to only market to them, I realized I actually have a few ideal clients and, instead of marketing to just one of them, I can actually market to all of them. The key here is that I narrowed down my target market from anyone and everyone to three key demographic areas of people who I know appreciate my work and who I love working with. In these three different Ideal Client profiles, each ideal client is different and unique, yet there are a few commonalities. Let’s take a look.

Ideal Client 1
My first ideal client is between the ages of 30-50 years old. She is single and independent with a career and is looking to have an empowering experience.

Ideal Client 2
My second ideal client is a mom in her 30’s to 40’s who is married or single, independent, and looking to find her fierceness after giving birth and raising kids. A woman looking to reconnect with herself once again.

Ideal Client 3
My third ideal client is a young woman in her 20’s (or 30’s or 40’s) who is getting married and wants to put together a ‘little black book’ as a gift for her Groom on her wedding day. This ideal client is initially where I focused all of my marketing efforts and, sure enough, those are most of the clients that walked through my door with the intention to create exactly that.

When I look at these three ideal clients, the main thread is a woman looking to be empowered for all that she is. She’s independent and can make her own decisions-- especially regarding the money she makes and how she wants to spend it. She is coming to me to feel empowered and have images that show her strength, her vulnerability and her inner-power in an authentic way. Images that go beyond what people see in her daily interactions but more truly live up to all she is on the inside.

My biggest goal is to empower women. With empowerment being my main focus, it’s not a surprise that I am marketing to and photographing women who want to feel empowered. I market to them and they find me. My job is to make them feel absolutely amazing about themselves and these three different ideal clients come to me and leave feeling that way. They feel empowered and amazing.

Finding your ideal client isn’t so much about who the person is but is more about what they want-- do they want to feel empowered? Do they value amazing photos of themselves? These are the two main points that drive home who my ideal clients are.

So, who are your ideal clients? Take a few moments and write out how you want to make your clients feel and what you can provide for your clients. Then, write out demographics of people who are looking for just that. Try marketing to those people and see what happens-- you might have just found yourself a way to work with only the clients who would love to work with you!

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