Why You Should Be Using Honeybook

There’s something to be said for all the ways you can grow as a photographer– both in the world of photography and on the ‘running your business’ side of things.

When we first start out, we are generally looking to gain more photography skills– quicker culling and editing processes, how to get ‘the shot’, how to work in different lighting situations and any other tips and tricks the photographers we look up to have to offer.

Then it hits…
Suddenly we find ourselves in a place where we need to improve the BUSINESS side of our photography world. We’ve spent so long growing our skills as a photographer that it can hit us to realize that the business side needs improvement– what to charge, how to use social media, how to be more efficient with communication and contracts between clients and the list goes on.

Over time, I’ve really put effort into growing both sides of what I do– the photography and the business. I want to share one simple thing that has worked WONDERS for helping to keep me organized, on top of client communication, getting all the information I need and more. This one platform that almost sounds too good to go be true is Honeybook.

There are 4 main reasons I am totally in love with Honeybook and I want to share them with you so you can understand why this one platform can do amazing things for your business!

1 – Everything In ONE Portal
It sounds almost like a magic trick to say ‘everything in ONE portal’ but it’s so so true. With the Honeybook platform (and app) you can chat with your clients, send invoices, emails and automate emails for easy and clear communication! Automations are incredible for those little things– like sending out information after an inquiry email or sending out payment reminders. Chatting with clients in ONE space reduces any form of confusion or chatting with them over multiple platforms so you don’t miss anything. Plus, sending invoices directly from Honeybook, where you’re sending emails from, too, keeps EVERYTHING IN ONE PORTAL.

2 – Questionnaires
I have my clients fill out questionnaires so I can get to know them well before we ever chat over the phone or zoom or meet in person. If you aren’t sending questionnaires to your clients, I highly recommend starting. Something as simple as a questionnaire can offer you insight into the kind of person your client is; what is their style? What are their likes and dislikes? What fun aspects do they want to bring to their session and what are their expectations? All of these and more can be answered in a questionnaire and can help you know what kind of outfits and props to bring to the shoot. You can save questionnaires in Honeybook and send them out to your clients as part of your workflow.

3 – Different Clients, Different Workflows
If you’re shooting a boudoir client, the way you communicate with them, the questionnaire you send and the contract you send are all going to be different than if you were sending those same deliverables to a client for a family session or a portrait session. No matter what kind of sessions are your specialty, Honeybook allows you to get up multiple workflows so you can customize what you’re sending out to each type of session. I’m usually shooting Boudoir but the odd time I’ll do another type of session and it’s nice to have everything I need saved in Honeybook and ready to go!

4 – Business Expense
You’re probably questioning how much something like this costs. You’re a business owner, after all! Thankfully, you can write off Honeybook as a business expense on your tax return so what it costs you will work FOR you when you file your taxes. Plus, it is 100% worth every single penny you spend on it.

Honeybook has been a game changer for me in how I approach the business end of being a photographer and now that I use it, I can’t imagine how I was doing things before it. I can tell you that the way I ran my business before is probably similar to how many others are doing things right now, and Honeybook has saved me time, given me more polished and professional communication with clients and has allowed me to run my business with more ease.

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