Learn How To Edit Winter Sessions

Learn How to edit Winter Sessions in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

We are now in the winter months, well some of us. If you are a photographer that lives in a colder climate this blog is for you! I am going to be talking to you today about editing a photo in the SNOW!! Yes, BBBRRRRRR!

What you are going to want to care most about and I can not stress this enough is your WHITE BALANCE when you are shooting. You do not want to editing your images and having your snow a yellow or peachy color, yuck! You want the snow to be a beautiful crisp white.

I created a helpful video for you to watch to help when it comes to editing your snow images.

Here are some quick steps and tips to take when you are learning how to edit winter sessions in LightRoom.

  1. You will want to turn up your exposure to brighten up the image. Then turn the contrast up a little because this is my style preference. You may not want to touch the contrast due to your style preference ( it is important for you to always stick to your own style preference).
  2. Lifting the shadows ( this also helps with brightening the image) and slightly increasing the highlights but not to the point that you can not see the details of the snow, you do not want it to appear unrealistic!
  3. After making the adjustments you will then need to check the white balance. If you notice the snow not evenly toned select the dropper tool and select a section of the snow that is neutral tone, and you will notice the snow appear more white.
  4. Now go to the tone curve. Making edits within the tone curve makes more of an effect on your images. We will be adjusting the shadows (located on the bottom corner) by moving the line down. Next we want to lift the highlights by moving the line up ( located top corner), lifting the light by the middle line. You want to make small adjustments to all three, by doing this you will make the image brighter by not effecting the exposure tool.
  5. Depending on your images you may need to adjust specific colors within the image and play with the sliders
  6. I love to create a cream look to the skin so I go into the noise reduction and pull up the luminance but beware do not go too far up because you will cause the image to look funny. If you do this you will then need to adjust the contrast and color up as well.

So I hope these quick tips help you the next time you are editing your images with snow in them! If you find yourself having issues, use Embrace Volume II to help make your image pop!


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