Ah the holiday season, so much magic around this time of year! This month our hashtag was #joy2019 it did not dissappoint! I loved all the image submissions! looking over the images definitely brought some joy into my morning! All [...]


Nightmare Before Christmas…

October was #Spooky Season in the Facebook group and I LOVED seeing all of your images! The creativity, the drama and moody vibes, and the talent that came to play during this challenge were so wonderful to see. I am [...]



The features for this month have me in a MOOD… pun fully intended. The monthly feature for July was #moody and the images submitted delivered. What I love about the images that came in during the month in the Facebook [...]



These monthly features are quickly becoming my favorite thing to share on my blog! For May + June the hashtag was #movement and the submissions moved me. All of the images in this blog were first posted in the Facebook [...]

  • sunlit, lightroom presets,#sunlit


We are always chasing the sunlight. Whether we are capturing our subjects in the stunning golden hour light or strategically setting up our studio lighting, the light is always a focus and these are the best #sunlit I've ever seen. [...]

  • The best of...

The Best Of…

I want to start by saying that I am completely floored by how amazing the submissions were for #holdme and #details and used the best presets! These two hashtags drummed up a lot of attention in the Facebook group and [...]

  • January Favorites

January Favorites

I am always amazed by the incredible talent of our Embrace nation. When I visit the Facebook group and view your work, I am completely moved by images you are creating by manifesting your creative expression. I feel honored you [...]


Best of 2018

I am so excited to announce the winners of the best of 2018!  I just want to quickly say thank you for all of you who entered!  It was so incredible to see all your beautiful work and you did [...]

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