Ah the holiday season, so much magic around this time of year! This month our hashtag was #joy2019 it did not dissappoint!

I loved all the image submissions! looking over the images definitely brought some joy into my morning!

All of the images in this blog were first posted in the Facebook group so if you’re wondering how to be featured, join the Facebook group! Trust me, this group is phenomenal-- the most encouraging, talented and inspired to grow photographers all hang out there so join us!

Take a long look at the images below and allow them to inspire how you interpret the word #joy when you’re shooting.

All of the presets are 30% off with code JOY until January 1st!

Alyssa Lusardi - Beholden Preset

Ashlyn Hale - Beholden Preset

Art Goans - Beholden

Beth Medina Jeffery - Wanderlust Collection

Brandon Pool - Beholden Preset

Bren Bren - Embrace Collection - Feminine

Brittany Sheppard - Runway Collection - Milan

Candice Clarke - Wanderlust Collection

Candice Clarke - Wanderlust Collection

Cassandra McLeod- Beholden Preset

Chrissy Hewett Flanigan- Embrace Collection

Lisa Turner Steed- Embrace Collection

Rylie Hibbard - Embrace Collection

Hailey Phillips - Beholden Preset

Hailey Phillips - Beholden Preset

Hannah Ingrid - Wanderlust Collection

April Engle - Jade Preset

Jenny Degroot - Embrace Vol II

Jessica Oliden - Embrace Collection

Karolina Pora - These Are The Days Presets

Katrina Lamb - Wanderlust Preset

Korin Hunter - Beholden Preset

Kristina Melching - Embrace Collection - Feminine

Nate-Abigale Wallace - Beholden Preset

Rylie Hibbard - Embrace Collection

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