Editing White Balance in Lightroom

Editing White Balance in Lightroom
If you haven’t had the chance to watch my Facebook live video about Editing White Balance in Lightroom yet, you can check it out on my group page.

In my video, I go over a quick edit and preset application/ adjustment for this image:  ​
White Balance in Lightroom


I start my edits by adjusting my white balance before I apply my preset! I do this because the white balance changes everything in an image, but a presets won’t change white balance normally.


So for this image specifically, the preset would show a bluer tone since the image was shot a little cooler. You can see this in our white balance section on the right, and if you look carefully, in our model’s “white” dress.

You have to train your eyes to see this, but there are blue undertones there. You can “train” your eyes by going back and forth with the image before and after the white balance is corrected.

When I first started, I didn’t know anything about white balance, and when I would apply my preset, they would always come out terribly!

White Balance in Lightroom is everything!

So we’re going to grab our white balance tool and sample a neutral area on the photo. This doesn’t necessarily mean white, we’re looking for more of a beige.



After I have my white balance the way I want it, we get to do my favorite part of the editing process… deciding which one of my NEW favorite presets to apply! After that, I tweak the image a little by playing with the shadows and exposure, and that’s it!


I can’t wait for you guys to use my new presets! Each one has one has its own unique look and creates a different warm earthy mood within the photo!

This process is the same for ACR! So you can follow it just the same. 

Hope you enjoyed this quick white balance in Lightroom tutorial, and hope you enjoy the presets once they’re released! Here's the finished image after I "tweak" it. You can check out my tweaking process as well in my "Before and After" tutorial. 

White Balance in Lightroom

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