Why You Should Use sRGB Color Space in Lightroom

Why You Should Use sRGB Color Space
You might have noticed that, when you’ve posted on your blog or on social media, your images don’t look like you want them to. They might be dull or the colors don’t turn out like they’re supposed to.


You’re probably not converting your images with the sRGB color space in Lightroom.

So, what is sRGB color space?

A color space, which is also known as the color model or color system, is a specific range of colors. The sRGB color space is the default color space that we are accustomed to seeing.

Why should you use sRGB color space?

Since the sRGB (standard Red Green Blue) color space is the default color space, a majority of what we see every day. If you are not exporting your image files using the sRGB color space, you have probably noticed something off with your images. Many printers use sRGB which is why you will have problems when printing. Your devices, like your laptop and your computer, also uses this color space and your images might show up dull and greenish on any screen.

How you can convert your color space to sRGB in Lightroom:
When you export your image on Lightroom, under the File Settings make sure your Color Space is set to sRGB.

sRGB Setting on Lightroom


Using the sRGB color space will simplify workflow easier and make sure your images are best displayed on any screen and consistent.​

Here is an example of the difference it can make:




Using sRGB
Image by Raymie Day . Preset used is EW09 from the Wanderlust collection.

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