Boudoir can be one of the most empowering things your client will ever do. They will step into their self-confidence, unleash their inner Beyonce and will be blown away when they look at their images exclaiming ‘that’s me!?’. Self-confidence is paired with authentic self-love and watching the two unfold together during a boudoir session is, for me, one of the most rewarding parts of what I do. I can imagine that you feel the same.

In the Boudoir Guide I send to all of my boudoir clients, I take the time to ease their fears and help them prepare for their shoot. One of my favorite parts of my guide is literally the ‘how to prepare’ page that helps my clients feel totally in control, knowing there are things they can do to be ready for their shoot. Don’t worry, I don’t offer any tips like ‘practice your sexy face in the mirror’. That’s not at all what boudoir is about– it’s about your inner beauty shining through to embrace that inner wild and let her shine.

So how do I encourage my clients to prepare?

The Week Before
The week before their session I am encouraging my clients to get a manicure in a color of polish that will suit their style and personality, take care of personal grooming so they don’t have any red spots during the shoot, try on their outfit selection to make sure it fits and is comfortable and, another fun helpful tip, to lower their salt and alcohol intake if they are worried about water retention. I also advise my clients to avoid fake tanning and spending too much time in the sun to prevent those awkward tan lines that never seem to fade until next summer. The best suggestion on this list is to create a confidence-boosting playlist. A playlist that makes them feel good, confident and like they can take on anything is one powerful secret weapon to calm nerves and let confidence come to center stage during their boudoir session.

The Day Before
The day before is the perfect day to wash your hair (we all know freshly washed hair is hard to style) and to pack your day-of bag so that there is no rushing around the day of the shoot! These two tips are simple and effective.

The Day Of
The day of list includes some really important tips that I encourage everyone to follow. Even if they went fake tanning and didn’t get a manicure the week before, the day of guidelines should be followed by everyone! Day of preparation for the client covers being sure to lotion your body, to eat something light yet filling before coming to the session, to put on CLEAR deodorant and to wear something loose and comfortable that day that will prevent putting creases on the body from tight jeans or bras. We want smooth skin that day since creases show up in images.

In the guide I also include what to pack in your bag and even how to pick the best lingerie to wear for the session. I share with my clients absolutely anything I could possibly think of that could help make them feel completely at ease. Especially if a client is doing their FIRST boudoir session, the whole process can be totally nerve-wracking. You want to make the entire process, from booking to delivering the images, as easy and detailed as possible to show you care and my Boudoir Guide really takes care of the needs of my clients.

If you’re interested in providing a guide to your clients that will make them go ‘I love boudoir sessions!’, check out my guide here.