How To Pick Best Images For Your Social Media Feed

How To Pick Best Images For Your Social Media Feed

Social media is an amazing place to find new clients. I love using social media to connect with people I can collaborate with in my area from models to stylists, but I also love my social media feed for how I can market myself to the real people who would love to be my clients and those I would love to work with.

As photographers, we are always posting images on social media. What I am finding lately is that a lot of photographers actually have way better work than what they are choosing to showcase on their social media feed! Social media is the place to highlight the best of the best– but how do you know what is really the best you have to offer?

How To Pick Best Images For Your Social Media Feed

The best work you have to offer the world of social media is the work that represents you best.

First, consider what your brand is. What feeling do you want people to have when they look at your work? Choosing photos for your social media based on the feelings you want to convey is what will engage with people the most and draw them into your profile. I’m all about feeling over perfection and feeling over technical correctness. If an image isn’t technically perfect, but it conveys powerful emotion and makes my heart skip a beat, I know that image is worth showcasing. The truth is, the only other people who won’t know the image isn’t technically sound are other photographers– the potential clients are just going to see an image that makes them stop scrolling and be taken away by what they are viewing.

Choosing the feelings you want your work to convey is going to make your work recongnizable. There is only one you. There is only one person in the entire universe with your eye, your taste and your color scheme. You are incredibly unique and your take on what you do is unlike anyone else. Own that.

Here’s a little exercise to get you going…

  • Take a scroll through your work on your social media feed.
  • Which image makes you stop scrolling FIRST? Stop at that image and investigate.
    1. What kind of feeling did you get?
    2. Why did you stop?
    3. What was it about the image?
    4. Write down your answers to those questions.
  •  Start scrolling again and stop at the next image that makes you want to stop scrolling. 
  • Ask yourself the same questions and see if the answers are consistent.  Repeat this a few more times then look at your answers. There will probably be some consistencies that start to appear. Images that make you feel THAT way are the ones you should be posting on your social media feed.
How To Pick Best Images For Your Social Media Feed

It can be hard to take this next piece of advice but please, don’t get distracted by what is trending. There are always going to be trends that seem like the place to be focusing your composition, your editing style, your posing, your coloring and more. Forget the trends and find your taste. Trendy work is everywhere and will come and go– when you find your taste and stick with posting images that make people FEEL the way you desire them to, the clients that find you will instantly fall in love with your work. And not just your recent 9 posts… all of your work because they will see work that draws them in and connects with them on a deeper level.

Next time you are picking an image to put on social media, look to your list of feelings you want your images to convey and see if the image makes the cut. It may not be the most technical or trendy but if it’s authentically you, it is going to represent you and your brand in a way that is always drawing in your ideal client closer and closer towards you until they book and see their face gracing your social media feed. ​​

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