Unleash Your Creativity with the Latest Adobe Lightroom Updates – New Features and Enhancements in April 2023

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The much-anticipated new Lightroom update in April 2023 is here, and it's packed with fantastic features that will revolutionize the way you work with your images. In this blog post, I'll give you an in-depth look at the key updates and enhancements of Lightroom Classic (version 12.3) and how they can help you enhance your photography workflow. So let's dive in!

AI-powered Denoise: Say Goodbye to Noise in Your Images

One of the most impressive features in the new Lightroom update is the AI-powered Denoise tool. With this groundbreaking feature, you can easily remove noise from your Bayer or X-Trans RAW images while preserving the finer details. To use the Denoise tool, simply head to the Detail panel or select Photo > Enhance from the menu.

Adjust the intensity of the Denoise slider to achieve the desired level of noise reduction, and hold Alt or Option while selecting Denoise to set the intensity based on the last set Amount value. You can preview the changes in the enhanced preview window before processing the image as a new DNG file. Enhanced images will have a badge in Grid and Filmstrip views, and you can even automatically add keywords to these images for easy organization.

Remember that Denoise is a GPU-intensive feature, so a faster GPU is recommended for quicker image processing. It's also best to use Denoise before applying other tools like AI masks and Content-Aware tools, as using Enhance might change their results.

A GPU-intensive feature is a feature in software that requires a lot of processing power from the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in order to run efficiently. Image created with Midjourney (Jasmin Jade)

Photographer editing in Lightroom with the new April 2023 Adobe Update.

Make Crisp Edits with New Masking Features

The new Lightroom update brings significant improvements to the Masking feature, making it even more powerful and versatile. With the new additions in People mask, you can now automatically select Facial Hair, Clothes, and more. Masking also supports Curve, allowing you to make crisp local adjustments without affecting the rest of the image.

To make use of these advanced masking features, open the image you'd like to edit in the Develop module, and then select Masking > People. Lightroom Classic will automatically detect and mask all people in the photo, allowing you to make precise adjustments to specific areas like Facial Hair or Clothes. For further adjustments, you can open the mask in the Masks panel and use the Add or Subtract options as needed.

Precise Edits with Curve

Another significant update in the Masking feature is the addition of Curve support. With Curve, you can make precise local edits to your image without affecting other areas. To use Curve, open an image in the Develop module, select Masking from the tool strip, and then choose Create New Mask. Next, select Curve in the Masking section and make adjustments using the Curve to locally enhance your image. The local Histogram provides values for adjustments made to the masked section.

Quickly Identify All Tools Used to Edit Images

Keeping track of your edits and tools used in Lightroom Classic just got a whole lot easier with the reconfigured panels in the Develop module. An eye indicator has been added to all Edit panels, Healing, Redeye, and Masking tools, allowing you to press and hold the eye indicator to temporarily hide the settings of that particular panel. This function lets you instantly view any changes made to an image, making your editing process more efficient.

The eye indicator will change color from dark to light to indicate if a particular panel is used, and a dot will be visible on the tool strip under the tool used. You can also turn off a panel by holding Alt on Windows or Option on macOS to reveal panel switches instead of the eye

icon, and this function allows you to reset an edit within the panel. When you turn off the panel switch, the eye icon will be struck out to indicate the panel is disabled. Keep an eye out for red dots under Healing and Masking tools, which signal that Content-Aware Remove spots or AI masks need an update.

Seamless Integration with Photoshop

The new Lightroom update April 2023 further enhances the seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop. You can now open your photos in Photoshop and choose from several options for making edits, including editing the photo in its current format, opening it as a Smart Object, or opening as Smart Object Layers in Photoshop. You can also merge a series of shots into a panorama, HDR, or open two or more photos as one layered image in Photoshop. Once you save edits to a photo in Photoshop, Lightroom Classic automatically imports the new photo into its catalog.

To access these options, head to Lightroom Classic > Preferences (Windows) or Lightroom Classic > Settings (macOS) and select the External Editing tab. With the April 2023 release, you can also select the Photoshop version of your choice to edit your photos.

Support for New Cameras and Lenses

As always, the new Lightroom update brings support for new camera models and lens profiles, ensuring compatibility with the latest gear. Check out the supported camera models and supported lens profiles articles on Adobe's website to find the newly added cameras and lenses in the full list of supported profiles.

Other Enhancements

The April 2023 Lightroom update also includes several other enhancements to improve your user experience. These include improved scrolling performance in the Library module for Published Grid scrolling, People View scrolling, Import Grid, Import Loupe, and Fullscreen walk on macOS. Mask names will now be added to the History steps when mask settings are changed. Additionally, new Adaptive Presets for the Adaptive: Portrait group have been added, along with an updated embedded browser framework for Map and Web modules.

So there you have it, fellow photographers! The new Lightroom update April 2023 brings some amazing new features and enhancements to help you elevate your photography game. Embrace the power of these tools and unleash your creativity like never before.

Introducing AI-Powered Presets by Embrace Presets: Revolutionizing Your Editing Workflow

I'm incredibly excited to announce our latest collection, the first-ever AI-Powered Presets for Lightroom and ACR, exclusively at Embrace Presets. These groundbreaking presets take full advantage of the new Lightroom masking tool, allowing you to edit specific portions of your images with unprecedented precision. With AI masking Presets, you can make local adjustments to areas like the subject, background, sky, or even individual body parts like the face, lips, and hair. You can even selectively edit a single person in a group photo.

By "masking" or hiding areas of your photos, you can apply adjustments without affecting other parts of your images. The AI capability drastically speeds up the masking process, ensuring a seamless editing experience. Plus, the non-destructive nature of the Masking tool means you can experiment with different settings without worrying about permanently altering your photos.

Introducing the Eclipse Workflow, a collection of 25 AI-Powered effect presets designed to add haze, fog, warmth, and other stunning effects to your images on top of your base preset. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor images, the Eclipse Workflow allows you to make adjustments or add that special touch to your final edit. Some of the AI-Powered effect presets included are Background - Darken, Background - Fix Green, Background - Haze, Morning Mist, Shallow DOF, and many more.

Please note that you'll need the newest Lightroom update April 2023 to take full advantage of these AI-Powered Presets. So get ready to revolutionize your editing workflow with the first-ever AI-Powered Presets by Embrace Presets, and elevate your photography to new heights.

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