Tweaking Greens In Lightroom Classic CC

Shooting clients outdoors, especially in gorgeous settings or during the beloved golden hour can impact the overall vibe of a shoot. Stunning locations, emotive models and the perfect location all come together for a shoot that brings to life your wildest dreams.

Your images look amazing then you load them into Lightroom notice the dreaded greens. It’s happened to all of us-- we know nature is great and all, but the tones of greens often throw us off.

In this short video, I walk you through exactly how I tweak the green in images to go from bright and saturated to dark, moody and desaturated. I take the greens from how they look naturally, to exactly how I want them and it’s so rewarding to be able to make the image match what you envisioned when you were out shooting.

The key points to remember when working with greens are as follows:
1 - Try out all of the presets you have first to see which you like the most. Remember that you can work with the greens so look for skin tone and overall vibe.
2 - Saturation will determine how saturated your greens are. If you want them bright or if you want them dark.
3 - Luminance will impact how bright or dark your greens are.
4 - Hue will make your green either bluer or more yellow looking.
5 - Green always has a bit of yellow in it so adjust your yellows as well to really fine-tune your green to find what you like the most.

Enjoy the video and let me know if you found this video helpful and if there are any other specific videos you’d like to see me show you.

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